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899/1199 Integrated Alternating Sequential LED tail light

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I'm definitely down for one... but as I asked in my other thread, what do you do about the license plate? Does it also come with a mount for the license plate?
I checked the website last night, and just a week ago there was a link to be notified to put your name on an email list for when it is released.... that link is GONE now.

Maybe they're gearing up to either release the product to those on the list as they're overwhelmed and the entire order is spoken for or POOF... up in thin air.
yep, its still there... just checked on my PC, but last night checked on my iPhone browser and it wasn't there.
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7. Mark Ducati

btw, the site now says "in production"...

I've been waiting foreverrrrrrrrrrr! I've got a carbon undertail sans hole waiting for this light so I can install it!
Money's burning a hole in my pocket!
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I'm using this wait time to do some mods... I'm sending my exhaust off next week to have Phil core them, that'll take about a week to get back, new headlight bulbs, and I couldn't wait... I got the LTD fender eliminator WITHOUT the winners from CW so I could take that snow plow off.

While I wait for motofynamics lights, I'm just gonna use hand signals for turns.
Just got my tidy LTD CW fender eliminator bolted on... Now just need the integrated tail lights. Cmon already !!!
I bought the tidy tail from Competition works... the metal plate that covers up the big gaping hole once the stock plate/turn signal holder is removed, the new cover came with an LED light that mounts onto the new plate. I think the CF tidy tail wa $150 bucks, but if you call them and tell them you don't want their mini LED turn signals that go in the vents, they'll knock off $40 bucks, that's not an option listed on the online store, gotta call them.

I'm still waiting on MotoDynamic's signals, so for now, my tail is clean and I'm using hand signals for turns.
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All of the other aftermarket tail lights integrate the turn signals and brake lights into the same housing pretty much the same that I can tell... what's different about Motodynamic, as they use a small circuit board to sequentially flash the lights... just looks cooler to me, that's why I'm willing to wait.
Only 50? Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

If they have the molds ready they just crank them out unless the electronics they're getting from a 3rd party is holding them back with limitations?

If they're not out by end of this month as previously indicated, I'm going with completion werkes.
Nope, was supposed to be end of April and no word... I gave up, just ordered the Comp Werkes yesterday.
yeap. the info is true. I am still patiently waiting as well.
So we have confirmation that Unicorns DO exist? Haha, I'll believe it when I see it.... meanwhile, keep my place in line. lol
Am I the only one that obsessively checks motodynamic's website on a daily basis?
I wouldn't hold your breath for the $139 advertised price either.

I emailed MD this morning, this was their response:

Hello Mark,

We will have a 2 step release for the panigale tail lights. The first production run will be small and will be offered to some of our distributors for marketing and certain individuals helping us with the test fitment throughout this process. This is scheduled at the end of this month. The second production run is expected to be completed sometime next month. Stay tuned with on our social media pages for the latest updates.


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Do you know IF/WHEN the integrated tail light is released if they're going to include somekind of block off plate to cover up the big gaping hole?

If not, I have my eye on an all carbon fiber undertail piece (with no hole)..
In my previous post about a week ago, MD emailed me back saying end of July units go to distributors so that they can drum up sales, then they start selling to the rest of us by the end of August.
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That isn't an official order list per say, just a bunch of us here with an interest in wanting the light. I think once the product is available on their website, it will be first come first serve.

Just email them about shipping to HK, they'll respond.
NP, I just checked their website as if I was placing an order for something else and they do ship internationally, Hong Kong SAR China is on the list... so shouldn't be a problem.
If MD comes out with the integrated lights end of this month, y'all might want to get ready for them... just picked this up off eBay:

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Update info from MD:


We are currently developing a fender eliminator for the 899/1199 and it will incorporate some form of block off plate but you will need to use to together with the plate holder which is mounted directly below the tail light.

We may offer an optional block off plate for folks who mount their plate on the peg bolts

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