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899/1199 Integrated Alternating Sequential LED tail light

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Does anybody have the Motodynamic Integrated Tail installed? If so, how does it compare to the Comp Werkes? I love the concept but can't live with the dimness and safety hazard of the CW.
Anyone have an update on when this thing will be available?
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Emailed motodynamic yesterday. Unfortunately they still wont provide any information. Direct quote:

Unfortunately it is still in development with no ETA. Once it is available we will notify our product notification subscribers as well as our followers on social media


I mentioned i'm getting ready to buy another product, but i guess that didnt help. NRC kit for me i guess.
Same thing we've been hearing for over a year...I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the CW.
Just from my experience, but that thing (the CW integrated light) is a piece of sh!t. Not only is the light barely visible in most daylight conditions, but the connectors are pins instead of tabs which will lose contact—which happened to me repeatedly and resulted in my battery getting drained).
Yes - I too haven't great things about the brightness. Was yours clear or smoked?

Not thrilled about the pin connectors either. My ShiftTech integrated tail light on my SP has these, however, and I haven't had any issues yet. Aftermarket light manufacturers seem to have a phobia of using the factory connection design :mad:
It was clear—which was really disappointing since I had a smoked light on a different bike (forget which brand) and it was brighter than the CW. :confused:

I guess I could have jury-rigged the connectors, but after the battery problem I just didn't want to deal with it. I have the NRC now, but as a result, I have to have the plate tucked under the tail which has gotten me in trouble by LEO yet again.
Appreciate the feedback, Mustang. I have been on the fence for a while about the CW as I have read many negative comments about its dimness. I was about fed up with my jury-rigged setup right now, which includes the CW standard plate bracket with the stock turn signals (not pretty). I've also considered the NRC setup, but there's something about using adhesive on my bike that I don't really like. For now, anyway, I'm back to holding off altogether.
I've got the CW lights... They're bright enough for me?

Well shi!t! That looks reasonably bright enough. How satisfied are you with the connection type? Any problems with a poor connection that drains the battery?
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