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600 Mile Service

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Got my 600 mile service done yesterday. Yes, I have only put 600 miles on the bike since late November.

Everything was fine but they found something with some cables related to the exhaust. They said if the problem persists it will require a replacement motor.

Loving the bike more and more everyday!
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Anyone have price quotes from the Bay Area for this service? Seems like I should probably except to pay around $350...
A friend of mine at Ducati near Seattle told me $300-$350. I know its not SF, but I'd imagine the costs would be comparable. Ill be going in on Saturday and I'll post up my final price.
Just had my service done today... $432 (includes a 9% sales tax).

And on the topic of the charcoal canister... the shop removed mine. But this was because they found out my canister was defective and blocked. They didnt have another one in stock so they took mine out until they get my new one in.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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