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Hi All, got my hands on a 04 track bike which was never raced but got lots of bits on it.
1. 1199 slipper clutch
2. 1299 front calipers
3. Brembo 19RCS pump
4. Auto blipper
5. Rapid Bike Evo piggyback system
6. Ducabike rear sets
7. Termi slip-on
8. DoUble bubble screen
9. Ohlins TTX shock
10. Domino 1/4 turn throttle.

I'm needing a belly pan that conforms to our race rules with regards to holding the oil should the motor destroy itself, anyone have advice?

Also, can you change the gear shift pattern to GP one up and five down. Besides changing the linkage do you need to swop wiring for the shifter to work in reverse?

Thanks in advance!
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