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1199/899 Under Tail Cover ??

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Does anyone know where I can get a under tail cover as pictured below? A guy made some a year ago on another forum but has since gone MIA.

I made my own plate bracket and would love something to make it cleaner. For what I have read, competition werks does not sell just the cover plate.

See pictures below:

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that is one awesome cover. even better in carbon fiber! How much did they guy that use to sell them sold them for?
I'm in the same boat, and would be interested to hear if you find anything.
Here is a link to the original posting: Custom fender eliminator - Ducati 1199 Forum

Price is listed on 3rd or 4th page. They were pricey. Plastic was 200+ and carbon was 300+.
Catalogo prodotti Carbonvani per moto Ducati 899 PANIGALE

I've seen a lot of their work in person, and it is quality, and matches well with Ducati Carbon pieces. They have the piece you are looking for in Carbon, along with EVERYTHING else imaginable.

(I snagged this site reference from Ducati Beverly Hills)
^^ Not that. It has the opening for the license plate tail. Look at my original picture. I want something that's completely covered with no holes.
No luck ? If there are any in production hook me up too!
Try asking Carbonvani. The can make custom things on request. Maybe they can do this one.
Still looking :(
Good luck! Do a search around the forum..someone actually improvised on the original tail cover.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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