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  1. Ducati 899 Troubleshooting
    Hi all! I was recently ridind and noticed I couldn't shift down leaving my neighbourhood. Shifting up on the quickshifter worked fine all the way up to 6, but when I would shift down, it would only go down once ( eg. 4 to 3) and then the shifter felt stuck in position, as if I couldn't push it...
  2. Ducati 899 Maintenance
    Hello all, first post here and thanks in advance for any replies! I recently aquired a 2015 899 panigale which is my first Duc and I’ve been having nothing but problems with it. At its worst I have lost all throttle input but it started as an irregular idle. Currently the bike starts runs and...
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hello my friends, I just purchased a 2015 899 Panigale in white. I had a friend pick it up for me because it's halfway across the country. I will not be bale to get my hands on it until the snow thaws in the spring. The odometer shows just over 40,000km, but it appears to be in great shape...
  4. 899 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    I have front and rear red OEM rims for 899 for sale.. if you want them, shoot me a message!
  5. 899 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    Looking to possibly upgrade my existing stock Showa front suspension in favor of Ohlins FGRT 214. Has anyone done this? What difference has it made? Also, help me choose which color. I have a white 899, black or gold shocks?
  6. 899 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories
    Hey guys! I’m trying to find a set of DB killer for my termignoni exhaust. Please let me know if you know where to get them or want to sell them. Thank you
  7. New Members Introduction
    Joined to learn more about maintaining my 2015 899. I also have a 2001 YZF R6. Looking forward to meeting new friends.
1-7 of 7 Results