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Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide 2016 – $100 Plus
May 27, 2016 - 11:32 AM - by Motorcycle.com

So, Father’s Day is here, again, and when I complained to my wife about how I’d made a list of my ideas for motorcycle-related gifts only to discover that it almost exactly mimicked last year’s list, she said, 'Remember, you’re providing a service. As a non-rider, I have no idea what to give you for Father’s Day.' My response to her was a simple, 'You’re willing to spend more than $100 on me for Father’s Day!' Clearly, this buyer’s guide just became much more important.

So, what follows in an attempt to address – in alphabetical order – the varied needs of male motorcyclists with offspring – though they really apply to all riders, regardless of which bathroom they choose to relieve themselves in or whether they’ve successfully combined chromosomes with another human. Yes, there will be some overlap with previous lists of this type. Motorcyclists have simple needs…
Read more about the Father’s Day Buyer’s Guide 2016 – $100 Plus at Motorcycle.com.
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MO Tested: Cornering ABS
May 24, 2016 - 11:34 AM - by Motorcycle.com

If your occupation is testing motorcycles there’s a certain measure of accepted risk that comes with the job. When cornering ABS (C-ABS) arrived a couple years ago, the general consensus among the motojournos was, Hey that’s awesome, we’ll take your word for it working as described, because no matter how professional we try to be, grabbing a fistful of front brake mid-corner to evaluate this new technology is a line few were willing to cross. Just thinking of the action conjures images of impacting asphalt at a rate approaching lightspeed.

Attending the International Driver & Rider Training Symposium provided Kevin Duke and I the opportunity to safely explore C-ABS and all the mid-corner braking performance the technology promises to deliver. The result? Confirmation that we were not being lied to, and an elevated respect for the engineers and test riders who perfect this technology prior to making it available to OEMs for inclusion on the latest and greatest two-wheelers.

With a KTM 1190 Adventure outfitted with Cedergrens’ Skidbike contraption, Duke and I set to the task of crashing. Repeatedly, we failed. Grabbing a fistful of brakes while leaned over with the C-ABS functioning resulted with a rapidly decelerating motorcycle, and – once the initial I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this gag reflex was muted – no drama. Switching off C-ABS and replicating the act resulted as you’d expect, with the front wheel washing away, but minus the crash due to Skidbike’s outriggers catching our falls.
Read more about the MO Tested: Cornering ABS at Motorcycle.com.
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Top 10 New Motorcycles Over 600cc And Under $8K
May 16, 2016 - 10:57 AM - by Motorcycle.com

In terms of value, these are some of the best motorcycles money can buy. Each one possesses the power and performance to put a smile on the mug of any motorcyclist for a price or monthly payment that doesn’t break the bank. The list encompasses a variety of models including sportbikes (of course), adventurers, and cruisers, so there’s something here for almost anyone.

Note the bikes listed here are placed in descending order of MSRP, not according to our personal favorites. Were that the case, #10 and #1 would most likely swap positions.
See the Top 10 New Motorcycles Over 600cc And Under $8K at Motorcycle.com.
2 Replies | 153 Views
MO Survey: What Kind Of Helmet Do You Wear?
Apr 13, 2016 - 3:26 PM - by Motorcycle.com

A DOT approved helmet is the most important piece of safety gear that a motorcyclist can wear. Still, the range of legal helmets covers (or doesn’t cover) a wide range of protection. Since we’re street-wise enough to know that not everyone shares our belief in the importance of protective headgear.

Lend us your voice, oh MOrons! What is your preferred style of helmet?
Take the MO Survey: What Kind Of Helmet Do You Wear? at Motorcycle.com.
0 Replies | 284 Views
Skidmarks: Flight Of The Dirtbag
Apr 12, 2016 - 3:57 PM - by Motorcycle.com

Did you see the 1965 film Flight of the Phoenix? It’s the adventures of a group of oil workers who crash their cargo plane in the Libyan desert. To fly to safety, they build another plane from the wreckage. It’s a good flick, and pretty realistic — famed stunt pilot Paul Mantz died during filming. Any gearhead will identify with the struggle to build something just good enough to barely get the job done.

The closest thing the motorcycle community has to Flight of the Phoenix is San Francisco’s Dirtbag Challenge, now in its 13th year. The rules are simple: build your bike in 30 days, don’t spend more than $1,000, and no Harley-Davidsons. The icing on the cake of custom-show unorthodoxy: To qualify for the judging, contestants must first ride their creations 100 miles.

It’s no surprise that this is not a custom hot-rod show. It’s not an event where you eat hotdogs while strolling along row after row of shiny, chromed, stretched-out showpieces with expensive paint, custom parts, and hand-tooled leather. This is about celebrating all kinds of enthusiasts, enthusiasts with mechanical aptitude ranging from NASA to nada. The process is chaotic, as is the resulting event.

Nobody knows when the event will be held until an email is fired out announcing the date 30 days prior, starting the clock. Participants can revive old projects and solicit donated parts, but they can’t spend more than a grand on the bike. It’s not like Price and Waterhouse are going to come in and audit but event organizer Pol Brown and the other judges will know if you’ve been cheating.

As you may expect, the result has been some of the most dangerously unrideable deathtraps known to motorcycledom. You will see things that would give an AMA event official a massive aneurysm. Motorcycles with steel utility poles made into frames, tricycle contraptions with barely functioning brakes from a 1932 Model A Ford, or a double-decker CL350 that I won’t post a photo of because you’ll accuse me of photoshopping it (yes, it finished). Chopper builders are criticized for building unrideable showboats. Dirtbag buildersrevel in their machines being comically unrideable.

Take my good friend Alan Lapp, a man who is so into comfort and practicality that he owns many, many pairs of overalls and what may be California’s largest collection of Airhawk inflatable seat cushions. He enlisted the help of his friend, an inventive fabricator, and designer named Julius Farnum and built his oddball contraption, a DR650-powered thing with an alternative front suspension. It’s as close to unrideable as you can get and still be rideable, reported Al. His bike is bizarre, tough on the eye and so loud and impractical it might as well be an ornithopter, not that Al needs any more ideas.
Read more about the Skidmarks: Flight Of The Dirtbag at Motorcycle.com.
0 Replies | 275 Views
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